Monday, 8 June 2015

How to make a CD Jewel case insert?

We understand your problem that it is tough enough or costly to create and design own CD jewel case insert but it will remain no more because we motivated to solve this daily life problem. Now more question will arise that “How to print a jewel case insert”. With the effective teamwork we succeeded in this mission. So, that without any hesitation you can develop your own case insert within no time and start your own business on a small scale.

Now it is more easily to make CD jewel case inserts with the new emerging software “The Ronyasoft CD jewel case insert”. The software is taking place in the market because of its usability, efficiency and effectiveness.


(CD DVD Case creation software with CD slim insert templates)

The software and its interface is designed in a way that is more easy and comfortable for a user. As far as its features it concerned, the software includes all major features required for making such inserts like editing and customizing the text, font, hues and background photos. Most important that one can use the default template or he/she can develop its own with full authority of the customizing it.

The price of buyable product is much less than any other software of making CD jewel case. We designed this software so that you will happy or other will happy when they see their favorable movies, songs with their favorable characters.

Some of the easy steps required to design the CD jewel case insert template are following:
  • Download the Software “The RonyaSoft CD jewel case insert” from the Home page.
  • Install the software on your computer.
  • Choose one of the predefined templates or you can create templates of your own choices.
  • Now in the next step you can customize and personalize the selected templates with some useful features. Likewise you can edit the text and putting images of favorable characters and cartoons.
  • After the editing process, you can save the template so that you can use it next time. Now your template is ready to print. Before printing, make sure that you are using the thick or some photo paper to get best quality of the print.
  • Once you have done the printing process, you can simply cut off the edges and your case insert is ready.

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