Monday, 8 June 2015

How to design a CD case insert?

For those who are not gifted in art or design, create a CD case inserts might be an impossible task to do. Whether it is for your school field trip photo album or your band’s first songs album that you want to sell on local state fair, you realize that you need to create a beautiful and eye catching CD case inserts that will caught attention to those you will want to give it to. Hiring a designer might helps, but chances are you will turn away the idea upon knowing the regular price for their services.


(CD DVD Cover software + CD back insert templates)

This is where Ronyasoft brings you a simple solution in creating an engaging and beautiful CD case inserts with their amazing software named RonyaSoft CD DVD case making software. By using this particular software you never need to worry on how to design a CD case insert since this software can help you to create one without the expertise or knowledge for arts and design. Utilizing various CD case insert templates, you can easily create CD case inserts and print it within matter of several minutes. All of these capabilities packed into one single intuitive software ready for you to download with the free trials included!

Amazing CD case insert templates to work with
Packed inside the program lies an amazing CD case insert templates that is highly customizable and allows you an easy interaction to work within it. All of the templates that is stored inside the software’s library is designed to fit with any CD case insert that will be fits nicely if you cut it in size of 151mm wide and 118mm tall. You can also utilize our tool to design CD, DVD, and even Blu-ray disc covers that will help you to decorate many discs and albums at once in single software.

Ability to create CD case inserts in simple and fast result.
Thanks to the customizable templates that Ronyasoft packed inside the software, you don’t need to redo your whole design if the size of the design doesn’t fit with your CD case inserts. The template system allows you to focus your work in your design more than the usual image processing software like Adobe Photoshop or Corel draw. You can also add an image within design CD case insert to decorate it and add necessary information within your CD case cover inserts that will make your CDs stands out when it is presented to your colleagues or your potential buyers.

Easy print CD case inserts with Printer settings
Another defining feature that RonyaSoft CD DVD case making software - click here has is the ability to perfectly fine tune itself with various printer types and brands. Within the software for design CD case insert lie hundreds of printer settings that is fitted with many printer brands that exist within the world. You don’t need to worry that the print result will be different from what’s shown on the monitor, since the software will help you to regulate the print settings to give you the maximum satisfaction in printing quality.

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