Thursday, 21 May 2015

How to make a Blu-ray Cover?

The Blu-ray disc is the high capacity disc that can store data up to 9 GB. You can store all the data you have up to 9 GB in a Blu-ray disc without worrying. Then you may need to to make Blu-ray covers for it to identify or to sell it. You also have the idea, to do the packaging of a size different from the standard size. Then your regular tools may not be sufficient to get the job done. you will need a software with rich features like Ronyasoft CD DVD Label Maker, to make your own Blu-ray cover.

(CD DVD Cover Maker + Blu-ray cover templates)

Ronyasoft label maker is a feature rich software to make Blu-ray covers to your liking. Put your thoughts and vision together with the tools provided with the software to create elegant DVD covers. The software is useful to print them also. All you need to do is a few clicks and you will get the job done. 

Front is situated at the front location of the Blu-ray cover and back is situated at the back position of the cover. The Spine comes in the middle of the two, separating them and at the edge of the Blu-ray disc box for a standard size DVD box.

You do not want the Blu-ray cover like this. So you want to make Blu-ray covers with your preferred measurements. Then the Ronyasoft utile comes in handy. Try the trial version to see for yourself. Install it and open the installed software. You will be seeing three options displaying before you on the display. Of the three options, to create a Blu-ray cover, you have to select the option 'Choose a Template'. Select the Blu-ray cover template that you want. If you need to to make Blu-ray covers select US Blu-ray cover or UK Blu-ray cover, and if you need create DVD inserts for boxes, select Blu-ray insert or Blu-ray Double insert. This is how to create a Blu-ray disc cover.

Now put the graphics and text content where appropriate and as you planned. Make Blu-ray covers creative and exciting so that it should tempt the buyer to take the disc in their hands to know further information about the content on the disc. Choose colors wisely and elegantly when designing the cover. Then you are left with the printing process which is damn easy with this software through the options available in the printout setup.

How to create a custom size disc cover?

Disk Cover is the front face of a disc. It attracts the viewer saying 'know more about me'. It can be a very simple one or filled with full of graphics. An appealing cover may increase the conversion rate in sales perspective. Well, you can create a custom size disc cover simply using the templates that come with a CD Label Software for the box wrapping the CD. You may in the need of creating a custom size disc cover. Then the standard size templates provided do not serve you. Do not worry as with some software like Ronyasoft CD DVD Label Maker, you can create your own custom size disccover.

In the software, you can create a template of the size of your preference by creating a custom size template. Do not ask the big daddy about 'how to create a custom size disc cover', just read below. When you try to open the software after the installation is complete, you are provided with three options, one of which is 'start with the template generator'. click that and you are ready to create one.

(Free Download CD DVD Cover Software with cover size generator)

Before creating one, knowing about the comprising parts of a custom size disc cover helps you in creating one of the size of your preference.
A CD Cover has three parts:
  1. Front
  2. Back
  3. Spine
You have to divide the area available to you into three parts. The Front part comes at the front of the CD Cover and Back at the back, both separated by a little space, Spine for create a custom size disc cover. Keeping these details in mind, you have to design yours now, according to your requirements.

You can adjust the four variable measurements available. Adjust according to your requirements, keeping the output in our mind. Changing these four variable sizes in odd and abnormal fashion may give you an odd and weird disc cover. So change carefully for appealing output. When set, create your own custom size disc cover is ready for the design process.

Now you have the template ready of the size you want to create a custom size disc cover. Let your creativity flow here. Choose an appealing color combination, informative and catchy text content that goes on the cover. The design should reflect about the content on the disc. Save the designed after you have finished, to print it. You can simply print the designed cover right away from the software for create a custom size disc cover itself, with many options available to print the cover exactly the way you want it.

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

How to create a CD DVD Case Insert?

One like to store the multimedia that on the CD and DVD. You may confuse some times when you see empty case insert that which CD DVD it is. So then you go to the CD DVD supplier and ask to create the CD DVD case insert which may takes time and also takes some cost. Beside this, it is good for you create the CD DVD case insert at home, office or anywhere.

So to solve this problem we developed such software which can used to create the CD DVD case insert within no time just with few clicks. Now you never ask your friends, colleagues that how to create a cd dvd case insert.

(Free Download CD DVD Cover Designer)

In the market you have seen many of the products like this. Yes, we know but all those software’s have some problems and issues. Likewise the you will never find all in one bundle/packet of features in one software or you will point out that its layout and design is so confusing and boring or may be some times you will see that the price is too much as compare to the features. Anyway, we tackled all of these problems and designed such system/program which is considered best in all phases.

Along with this, we introduce some of new and useful features like aligning the text, quick setting of the text. Not only this, you can create your own templates with custom images, hues and different sort of background of CD DVD case insert.

As far as the design and layout of the software is considered, it is easy to use such as learning of ABC which can be operate even by small kids. That’s good. So we recommended you to use this software and pass us review if you have any trouble or some positive comments.

Some steps which might require in order to create the best CD DVD case insert template are following:
  • Download the software from this page.
  • Extract and install it your hard disk.
  • Choose any design which ever you preferred. The software for create CD DVD case insert includes default templates and images. You can edit any template to apply the desire background and images
  • Select any print medium to print the cover or the label. Try to utilize thick paper and best quality printer so that you find the desired result.

How to print CD Label?

People like to record their favourite movies, music and other multimedia files to the storage media like cd. But usually the cd label is empty and not much attractive and motivating. So, may be some one need to create its own print a CD label. So for this purpose company has launched the software named after the Ronyasoft CD label maker. A software with which you can create custom CD labels.

(Free Download CD DVD Label Maker)

Now you never need to go anywhere and find the Cd label maker for print CD label and bragging with supplier. In home, with no time you can design your own template of CD label with can be reuse whenever you want.

In the software market, you will find many of the products like this. The reason no body use those because it is consider that it takes too much of time because of the software difficult interface. But Ronyasoft is designed to tackle this problem with full of other features. You can print CD labels from CD label template within no time so that you precious time never waste. The software has quite simple and attractive interface due to which it is taking place in the market.

By this software for print CD labels use the existing templates or you can create your own templates within no times with custom pictures, backgrounds and brilliant colours.

Other than that if you have any problem with how to print a CD label you can find contact number on our official website.

Following steps required in order how to create a cd label:
  • Download the software from the official website.
  • Simply install it and agree all the terms and condition.
  • Two types of templates are present with bleeds and without bleeds you can use whatever you want.
  • You can also adjust the size of the CD label.
  • Place your desirable photos and pictures to the templates and you can edit them. Also other useful features are accessible like text aligning, rapid editing text which makes the software more comfortable and useful.
  • Save your custom label so that you never need to create and print CD labels again.
  • Print a CD label with the help of the printer but remember use such printer so that you get the best colour and picture quality.

Monday, 11 May 2015

How to create CD labels and covers from templates?

CDs and DVDs are a great media storage device where you can insert images, videos, and music files with relative ease that can be played in any portable CD players for your own enjoyment. But since you might end up with having multiple CD and DVD cases in order to back up your important file data, you will need to create CD DVD labels and covers to differentiate between each discs. Or else, you might be easily confused on which CD that contains the important file that you need in the future.

But still, to create CD DVD labels and covers can prove to be difficult on their own. You need to have a knowledge on the artistic tools like Photoshop and Corel in order how to create CD DVD Labels and Covers, or even hire an expert designer to create the cover for your needs, which will cost you quite a hefty sum of money for the simple job of plastering a decent graphic on the top of the CD.

Fortunately, Ronyasoft has the solution for your needs to create a creative CD DVD label and cover template in a relatively simple manner and effortless method. Introducing the Ronyasoft's CD DVD Label & Cover Maker software which revolutionize the way to create CD DVD labels and covers with a ready to use templates that is ready to be used at will.

(Download CD DVD label software with Ready-to-use templates)

Creating a great CD DVD labels and cover templates and print it is relatively easy to do with the help of Ronyasoft's CD DVD Label & Cover Maker software. Below here listed several steps that you can follow in order to start your CD DVD label designing in motion and how to create CD DVD labels and covers.
  1. Download the RonyaSoft CD DVD Label Maker straight into your computer.
  2. Open the program from the download folder and proceed to install the program from the files.
  3. After the installation process has finished, double click on the icon of the programin your computer to start create CD DVD labels and covers.
  4. When you load the program, pick a CD template that is suitable with your CD DVD themes. After that, proceed to customize the design to suit your liking
  5. If you want to add an image into the template, click on 'use image' button right below the properties tab that is present on your right. Pick up any image that suit your design and add it to the template
  6. If you want to add some text into the template, simply click the template text that you wished to edit and continue to type any lines you want to add. The font, colors, and aligment can be easily customized by utilizing the properties tab for create CD DVD labels and covers.
  7. After you done with editing the template, simply press print to choose the correct printer properties that you have plugged with your computer.
  8. Presto! Your CD DVD cover and labels are ready for you to use.
So, what are you waiting for? Grab this awesome software right here for know how to create CD DVD Labels and Covers.

How to make CD inserts with CD Front insert template?

Making CD inserts might be a difficult task to do in the past. During the earliest production of Cds and DVDs, people used to employ a graphic designer in order to make CD inserts by using Photoshop or similiar image manipulation software. Usually they do a good job in creating an enganging print CD inserts, but it stil requires an ample amount of time and money to create one.

How to make CD inserts? Fortunately with the advancement of the technology day by day, the design processes in make CD inserts can be made simpler. Several software to make the process quicker such as RonyaSoft CD DVD insert making software is created in order to help you in make CD inserts case without any design knowledge required. By utilizing the CD insert template feature within RonyaSoft CD DVD Label Maker, you can easily insert any picture you want to the design template and creates an enganging cover to decorate your make CD inserts. This software is a powerful tool indeed in helping you for print CD inserts easily by creating custom design CD covers just in a matter of minutes.

(CD DVD Label Maker + CD Front Insert template)

Using RonyaSoft CD DVD Label Maker is simple and easy task to do thanks to the various templates and tools integrated within the software. How to make CD inserts using this software efficiently, you need to follow the guidelines listed below:
  1. Download the free to try version of RonyaSoft CD DVD Label Maker into your computer.
  2. Open the download folder path and install the program from the compressed package file.
  3. After finishing up with the installation process, click on the program on desktop to start your designing process
  4. To make CD inserts, pick a CD insert templates (CD Front insert template) first from the various choices presented. Then design the case to whatever you wish for.
  5. To add an image within the template, choose use image from the properties tab on your right and pick any image you want to use as the background cover
  6. To add some text into the text, click on the template text you want to edit and type whatever line you want. You can easily customize the font, colors, and aligment by using the properties tab.
  7. When you finished editing the template, press print CD inserts and choose the printer properties that match with your printer.
  8. Voila! Your new CD insert are finished and ready to use.
RonyaSoft CD DVD Label Maker is a perfect choice for you to label any important CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs in a relatively simple and quick way. With CD Front insert template you can easily make CD inserts in a matter of seconds. Various printer preset setting in the printer settings are also helpful to provide a fine results that is technically geared to suit various printers on the market.

As one of our promotion campaign here, we offer you 30 days trial for you to evaluate the software.