Thursday, 21 May 2015

How to make a Blu-ray Cover?

The Blu-ray disc is the high capacity disc that can store data up to 9 GB. You can store all the data you have up to 9 GB in a Blu-ray disc without worrying. Then you may need to to make Blu-ray covers for it to identify or to sell it. You also have the idea, to do the packaging of a size different from the standard size. Then your regular tools may not be sufficient to get the job done. you will need a software with rich features like Ronyasoft CD DVD Label Maker, to make your own Blu-ray cover.

(CD DVD Cover Maker + Blu-ray cover templates)

Ronyasoft label maker is a feature rich software to make Blu-ray covers to your liking. Put your thoughts and vision together with the tools provided with the software to create elegant DVD covers. The software is useful to print them also. All you need to do is a few clicks and you will get the job done. 

Front is situated at the front location of the Blu-ray cover and back is situated at the back position of the cover. The Spine comes in the middle of the two, separating them and at the edge of the Blu-ray disc box for a standard size DVD box.

You do not want the Blu-ray cover like this. So you want to make Blu-ray covers with your preferred measurements. Then the Ronyasoft utile comes in handy. Try the trial version to see for yourself. Install it and open the installed software. You will be seeing three options displaying before you on the display. Of the three options, to create a Blu-ray cover, you have to select the option 'Choose a Template'. Select the Blu-ray cover template that you want. If you need to to make Blu-ray covers select US Blu-ray cover or UK Blu-ray cover, and if you need create DVD inserts for boxes, select Blu-ray insert or Blu-ray Double insert. This is how to create a Blu-ray disc cover.

Now put the graphics and text content where appropriate and as you planned. Make Blu-ray covers creative and exciting so that it should tempt the buyer to take the disc in their hands to know further information about the content on the disc. Choose colors wisely and elegantly when designing the cover. Then you are left with the printing process which is damn easy with this software through the options available in the printout setup.

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