Thursday, 21 May 2015

How to create a custom size disc cover?

Disk Cover is the front face of a disc. It attracts the viewer saying 'know more about me'. It can be a very simple one or filled with full of graphics. An appealing cover may increase the conversion rate in sales perspective. Well, you can create a custom size disc cover simply using the templates that come with a CD Label Software for the box wrapping the CD. You may in the need of creating a custom size disc cover. Then the standard size templates provided do not serve you. Do not worry as with some software like Ronyasoft CD DVD Label Maker, you can create your own custom size disccover.

In the software, you can create a template of the size of your preference by creating a custom size template. Do not ask the big daddy about 'how to create a custom size disc cover', just read below. When you try to open the software after the installation is complete, you are provided with three options, one of which is 'start with the template generator'. click that and you are ready to create one.

(Free Download CD DVD Cover Software with cover size generator)

Before creating one, knowing about the comprising parts of a custom size disc cover helps you in creating one of the size of your preference.
A CD Cover has three parts:
  1. Front
  2. Back
  3. Spine
You have to divide the area available to you into three parts. The Front part comes at the front of the CD Cover and Back at the back, both separated by a little space, Spine for create a custom size disc cover. Keeping these details in mind, you have to design yours now, according to your requirements.

You can adjust the four variable measurements available. Adjust according to your requirements, keeping the output in our mind. Changing these four variable sizes in odd and abnormal fashion may give you an odd and weird disc cover. So change carefully for appealing output. When set, create your own custom size disc cover is ready for the design process.

Now you have the template ready of the size you want to create a custom size disc cover. Let your creativity flow here. Choose an appealing color combination, informative and catchy text content that goes on the cover. The design should reflect about the content on the disc. Save the designed after you have finished, to print it. You can simply print the designed cover right away from the software for create a custom size disc cover itself, with many options available to print the cover exactly the way you want it.

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