Monday, 8 June 2015

How to create Blu-ray Covers (UK)?

Creating and printing Blu-ray cover is by no means an easy task. If you do not have the necessary knowledge in art and doesn’t know how to operate image editing software such as Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator, you are guaranteed with a hard time combined with crappy result in cover design that can makes your clients questions your art capability upon receiving their print Blu-ray covers. Since Blu-ray is capable to store larger file size coupled with amazing reading speed, you will want to create a beautiful UK Blu-ray cover template that you can utilize to many covers you plan to label your disc with.


(CD DVD Cover Maker + (UK) Blu-ray cover templates)

Introducing the answers on how to create Blu-ray covers (UK); Ronyasoft Blu-ray Discs Label Making software that offers you one stop solution to create and print Blu-ray cover (UK) in a simple and creative way. With utilizing Ronyasoft Blu-ray Discs Label Making software to create Blu-ray cover, you can create a beautiful and awesome covers with little to no knowledge in handling a graphic design software. You can also use the UK Blu-ray cover (UK) template installed in the software to create any other CD case inserts that you need to promote your content materials physically with an engaging cover that draw people’s interest to it.

Customizable UK Blu-ray cover for your needs
Ronyasoft offer the best customization within the Blu-ray cover that is presented within the software. These templates are specially designed to fit nicely with the size of Blu-ray covers in United Kingdom without any needs to alter the size settings. These templates can be easily customized and saved safely as another template in case you need to alter the cover design in the future.

Easy way on how to create Blu-ray covers
The very defining feature of Ronyasoft Blu-ray Discs Label Making software is its intuitive design interface that gives you an easy way on how to create Blu-ray covers without ever need any expertise in art or design. Handled by the properties tab on the right side of the screen, you may insert a picture within your computer into the print Blu-ray case (UK) that can be set based on your preferences. You can also add text to add several necessary information that should be included within the cover template design. This gives you a freedom in your creativity in creating an engaging cover to decorate your case.

Great ways to print Blu-ray covers
You never have to worry that your carefully designed Blu-ray cover will not be the same with the one showed on the screen. Inside Ronyasoft Blu-ray Discs Label Making software lies various printer settings that you will fit nicely with any kinds of printer that you have. Enjoy the high definition quality of Blu-ray CD covers that is specially designed with Ronyasoft Blu-ray Discs Label Making software.

Ronyasoft Blu-ray Discs Label Making software is available to download with a free trial just for you. Click here to try out our amazing software now and gives us your evaluation to our software before buying it.

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