Monday, 8 June 2015

How to make a Blu-ray insert?

Make Blu-ray case insert is considered one of the hardest job and that’s why it is difficult for you to find out Blu-ray case insert designer. But from now onwards it will be no more difficult to design such inserts. This problem is no longer remain because we designed such type of software that is easily, fast and efficient in use and its interface is according to Human computer interaction.

The Ronyasoft is much simpler to any software available in the stores such as learning of ABC. It is designed in a way so that you never spend time on finding features of the software but on the print Blu-ray insert template. Within few minutes you can create your own template. You can customize the template with own pictures, hues and photos so that it is attractive by kids and others. You can also save the template so that it can be use later.


(CD DVD Cover software + Blu-ray insert templates)

Other software does not includes all features in one package that why cost of one features is much higher but we offer all in one service with the satisfaction guarantee.
The software is free for the limited time (trial version) after that you can to buy soft for print Blu-ray case insert. As price is concerned, it is much lower than any software in the software world. The reason why we set the price because we need fund to make more improvements to the software for make Blu-ray insert. We hope you will like this software.If you have any concerned or suggestions you can visit our website.

To make Blu-ray insert you need to follow some of the steps:
  • First of all download the Ronyasoft Blu-ray insert from the official website.
  • Install this software on to your hard drive.
  • Choose the template which ever you like most. You can also make your own Blu-ray insert template with full authority of customization like changing the font size, editing the template and putting background and front colours.
  • Choose the size of the making Blu-ray case insert.
  • Save your template so that it will be usable later.
  • After that it is ready for the print .To get best of best quality use the think paper. Press the print button and select one of the available printer.
  • If you will find out that the size for the make Blu-ray insert is bigger than you can trim and resize it with the help of the scissors.

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