Wednesday, 2 September 2015

How to print CD DVD labels with Brother MFC-J825DW printer?

The involvement of graphical pictures and animation images are playing a vital role in the entire visual media. There is a tremendous need for well-designed graphical pictures and labels. Many multimedia companies are involved in creating designed labels. RonyaSoft is a multimedia software development organization which has a specialized view in creating poster designers, poster printers and CD DVD label makers. The printers are loaded with specialized software tools to create covers and labels for DVDs and Blu-ray devices. The Brother MFC-J825DW CD printer has various advanced features such as touch screen and flexible wireless methods. This printer possesses printing, scanning, copying and faxing features which are required for office automation process. The touch screen color LCD display provides a convenient tool for menu navigation and user interaction. This printer prints directly on printable blank DVDs, CDs and Blu-ray discs for personalization. The Brother MFC-J825DW CD printing technology also possesses extra features such as automatic duplex and automatic document feeder options. A high quality of pictures is created by Brother MFC-J825DW CD printing using RonyaSoft’s CD printing software.


(Download CD DVD Label Maker with Brother MFC-J825DW printer CD DVD tray)

RonyaSoft has released a user manual which explains the steps for quality printing.  The topic “How to print CD with Brother MFC-J825DW printer” explains the essential steps which are to be followed for printing specialized documents. The desired picture which has to be printed is chosen and required alterations are made. The picture modification options such as cropping, resizing and background coloring are applied as per the user’s requirement and need. A well-built internal template is available in the Brother MFC-J825DW CD printing software to improve the quality of the picture. A pre-loaded CD label templates are available which are used to distinguish standard labels, full face labels, labels with bleeds and empty labels. Using these label templates, the contents are entered and designed as per the requirement. Titles and subheadings are also designed with logos and other special features. The diameter portion of the label varies according to the templates.

The graphical user interface of the printing software comprises various menus and subdivisions. The file menu comprises options related to exporting, printing, application customizing commands and document handling operations. The edit submenu comprises options such as undoing commands, copying, pasting, cutting, deleting and selecting objects. The insert submenu is used for object insertion and layer submenu is used for grouping and ordering objects as per the need. The transform submenu is used for object transformation from one position to another. Alignment and zooming options are available which are used for creating customized pictures. The main screen is differentiated into two parts as pasteboard area and document area. The pasteboard area is a work area of the software containing visible and invisible parts of the document. The document area is a work area of the software containing only a part of the document which is visible. A special feature known as properties editor is available which shows information about currently selected objects. The Brother MFC-J825DW CD printing software device has a special facility known as mobile printing, using this facility wireless printing is possible. Go to home page for find more. With the help of mobile devices and other communication channels, pictures are transformed to the printer and printing is performed.

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