Wednesday, 2 September 2015

How to create CD DVD label with Epson L800 printer?

The people’s attraction towards graphics and motion pictures had paved way for the origin of multimedia industry. Using multimedia software tools, many creative pictures and images are prepared according to the users need and requirement. RonyaSoft is a multimedia software development company which has a unique approach in creating poster printers, poster designers and CD DVD label makers. Their products are best in quality and possess interactive user-friendly interfaces which provide good reliability to all naïve users. The organization is powered by a team of dedicated IT professionals who are often involved in research and development activities. RonyaSoft had released a specialized software tool to create covers and labels for CDs and DVDs. Epson l800 CD print software is a special multimedia tool which is used for creating CD labels and image broachers. Using this user-friendly tool, we can create labels with attractive images and pictures without the intervention of any advanced graphical software. Any person even without any graphical knowledge can also create these labels in an easy manner. The Epson L800 CD printing options are lucid and the user can have a quick reference about the printing options.


(CD DVD Cover Maker + Epson L800 printer CD DVD tray)

The Epson L800 printer is a branded photo printer with integrated ink tank system. This instrument yields high volume prints at an affordable running cost. The system is fitted with filters and tank caps to maintain good airflow and avoids ink wastage due to evaporation. How to print CD with Epson L800 printer? is an amazing question in everyone’s mind, but the process is very lucid using the simple interactive options which are available. Using the download option, the software is downloaded and can be saved in the user’s system with minimum technical configuration.  The label which has to be processed for Epson L800 CD printing is selected for alteration. According to the users need and requirement the image is cropped and resized. Image resizing options are available in the right side of the column which should be chosen for modification. Using the graphical user interface, the option is selected and dragged over the image. According to the specification, the size of the image is dragged and dropped. A background color alteration option is available for creating the desired background color in the picture. The height and width of the picture is modified using the percentage option available in the menu. Using the print preview option, the image can be previewed before printing. On observing the view, alterations can be made according the users need. After making final corrections, the Epson L800 CD printing option is chosen for printing. The pictures produced using Epson L800 printer is comparatively high in quality with clear resolution. Download and try on official website.

At an affordable price, the user can create attractive pictures which can be used in all celebrations. Unique pictures are created for wedding celebrations, birthday parties and marriage occasions. CDs, DVDs, Blue-ray devices are covered with appropriate labels composed of beautiful pictures. These home-made pictures created using Epson L800 printer attracts attention from the public. This labeling software runs on all versions of Windows and other operating systems. A minimum system configuration is enough for installing this user-friendly tool.

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