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How to print on Avery 8692 cd labels?

How to print on Avery 8692 cd labels? Ronyasoft CD DVD Label Maker is the software that helps you to print labels on CDs and DVDs. CD labeling is very costly in the markets but it is very cheap by using this software. You can write and print anything, of your choice on the CDs and DVDs. You can also prints pictures and blue rays CDs. This software is complete package along with labeling templates. Here we will discuss about How to print on Avery 8692 cd labels which is most used cd label by this software.

By using this software you can write and print anything. This label has three or more than three writings and background pictures. A clean form of the label is following.

Here is two parts of the cd i.e. two different sides. The cd label is 279 mm is in length while 215 mm is in width. These are the dimensions of your cd. The round circles are your CDs/DVDs. You can put the images in these circles by using Load Images and select positions. 


(CD DVD Label Maker + Avery 8692 CD DVD (US) label template layout)


There are a lot of types for brands. But you may also make your personal. You could design in the Microsoft Office. You will use PDF along with Microsoft Phrase files. You will need to test printing for the paper mainly because there must have to have a little adjustment.

So try and print for the paper first. He library includes standard and full pages product labels, single and dual CD case inserts, standard and slim DVD box covers, Blu-Ray covers and case inserts, document sleeves or origami DVDs. In other terms, we provide anyone with templates for Audio CDs, DVDs movies along with movie collections. 

How to print on Avery 8692 cd labels
  • Install Ronyasoft CD DVD Label Maker with recommend settings. You can download Ronyasoft CD DVD Label Maker at here.
  • Load a template or you can load Avery 8692 cd labels. Manage the settings and fittings of your CD/DVD.
  • Load images of your choice at the right side of software and make it background.
  • Rename of the titles of labels. You can rename also change the fonts and colors by clicking on them.
  • If you done you’re editing then go to printing session and print them. If print is not on the same margins then you can adjust the setting under the file tab.

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