Tuesday, 14 July 2015

How to print CD DVD labels on paper layout?

CD DVD Label Maker provides you the best quality of printings and designs on the CDs and DVDs. A wide range of templates are available in the markets to print on disks. You can get many of them free and some are premium. In this article we will discuss How to Print on Labels with Templates. What are the CD DVDlabels and templates? CD DVD label printing are names which you write on the CDs and DVDs while templates are special designs. 

First of all you must select a label template for printing. Second thing is that what type of printer you are using for the disk. Because it can affects the printing. There are recommend printer which you can use in printings are Laser printers, toner photocopiers. These printers you can use in CD DVD label printing. There are also many printers which you can’t use because they will harm the labeling. Such as Inkjet printers are not suitable for the waterproof and florescent labels. How to Print on Labels with Templates will discuss here. 


(CD DVD Cover software + CD DVD Labels templates)

There are a lot of designs for labeling. But you can also make your own. You can design in the Microsoft office. You can use PDF and Microsoft Word files. You must test printing on the paper because there must require a little modification. So try to print on the paper first. 

For the Microsoft office setting you must go in the Tools > Latters and Mailing. Microsoft office is best spread white sheet program which help more in labeling. For the perfect labeling on the CDs and DVDs you must use Microsoft office as a helper. The CD labeling templates provider also gives you a .doc and PDF helping file. More info on official site.

Printing Tips 
  • Laser and Inkjet printers give you more accuracy than 1 and -1 mm. So that you can use these printers to print on the margins of CDs and DVDs and allow text on the tips. 
  • If due to some worst setting, due to which CD DVD label printing does not copied on the margins. So you can set this in the page setting after file tab settings. 
  • Do not use the labels through the printer with some missing labels. It will give a printing error. 
  • Always feed your own labels in Portrait (narrow edge) as this can be the direction from the grain (like wood) and ensures the potency of the labels is held on to.
  • Laser and inkjet printers tend not to print right around the edge from the A4 sheet, so in case you have CD DVD label printing without having side edge remember that you need to allow 3mm (depending within the printer) as being a border.

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