Tuesday, 28 April 2015

How to make DVD cover with Standard DVD Cover template?

You have a collection of DVDs of your favorite movies, songs or your other important material in it. Bunching them into a tower in the spindle is not the efficient way to index them to pick a particular one later. You need to mark a dvd in a way to pick it later. Then you have the make DVD covers for the marking purpose. It depicts the summary of the content inside as you design it. Now the question is how to make a DVD cover. It can be done in different interesting ways, but you can find the easiest way below. 

(FREE CD DVD Cover Maker with Standard DVD Cover template)

No need to pay the hyped professionals to do this. You can do it with the help of Ronyasoft CD DVD Label Maker. It is such a easy to use program that you do not have to worry about its operating to make DVD covers. You can design DVD covers as well with this feature rich DVD cover maker software. Opening the software shows you different DVD Cover templates (Standard DVD cover) to work out your desired design. Standard DVD cover is one. It shows how a typical DVD cover will be.

The whole cover is divided into three parts:
  • Front
  • Spine
  • Back

The Front and Back goes to the positions respective to their meanings to make DVD covers. You can find the Spine separating them. All the sides are left with some space. This typical pattern of making DVD cover gives rise to some custom Standard DVD cover template. 

On the Front of DVD cover, you have one main title and the other sub to it, to edit to your requirement. Below the title, there is a graphic to change, to match the content inside the disc. The Back has one main title followed by five subs. The graphic here below the title and the subs can be changed to your preference or removed so that you can put some information regarding the disc or put small logos of your organization or company claiming the copyright. The title of the making DVD cover goes into the Spine with the little background graphic if you want any to make DVD covers. You can design your graphics with photoshop like image editing DVD cover maker softwares.

The design is ready to print. If you do not know how to print DVD covers, here is our tutorial to help you. Take a look at the tutorial and the print your piece of work. Before printing the examined layout by you, check the positions of logos and texts whether they are in the place you want or not.

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