Wednesday, 25 March 2015

How to make a DVD cover?

Whether it be a Movie, Music Album, a collection of pictures, etc.,. adding to make a DVD Cover to a DVD gives an overview about the content inside the DVD. If you are into sales, an attractive make a DVD cover may attract the buyer saying 'Hey! Have a look at me!', which may convince the buyer to buy it.
Lets see the make a DVD Cover. You can view a making DVD Cover comprising 3 parts. They are:
  1. Front. The Front is the artwork.
  2. Back. The Back contains the details about the content to make a DVD cover.
  3. Spine. The Spine is a little space between the front and the back that usually shows the title of the DVD cover.
You can make your own DVD cover in different ways. With Microsoft Word, you can simply make a DVD cover containing text. Visual appeal can be added with the graphics using a DVD cover maker software like Photoshop.

(Download DVD cover creator)

Let's see how to make a DVD cover. There is a series of steps to follow.
First of all, get an overview of what you want on the DVD cover.
What you want to say or see through this making DVD cover? What type of cover do you want to design? Is it only text or you want put graphics into it? What kind of sheet do you want to use for make a DVD cover?
You can use a simple paper if it fits the purpose. You have to choose a quality thick sheet if you want to use graphics.
Set up the layout you have in your mind that results to the design.
If you want to use Microsoft Word to make a DVD cover:
  • create a blank document
  • set layout to landscape
  • set margins to 5 inches on all sides.
Do not forget to leave a little space for the spine, a small vertical portion between the Front and Back.
The process is same if you want to create one using graphics DVD cover maker software like Photoshop.
Design front, back and spine. Now you have the overview and the layout to design the DVD cover. Design according to the information you have till now to shape to make DVD covers to your preference. Design the artwork that goes into the Front part, the details that goes into the Back part and ensure about the title details that goes into the Spine.

Add graphics to each of them
Plain text in your DVD cover will not appeal much if there are no graphics. Add graphics to take the design to the next level.

Add the leftovers
Now add the leftovers like DVD video symbol, barcode, etc.,.

These are the steps to follow to make a DVD cover. Make an appealing and interesting dvd covers to your favorite DVDs to keep or your work to sell.

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